30 September 2011

Day 30: My Life in Images

When I started my 30 Day Project it was just a bit fun, a project to get me into the habit of taking my camera everywhere and taking some pictures throughout my day.  It  has become more than taking a few pictures here and there, it has been a meaningful learning journey for me.  For the past 30 days I have become to notice the little moments, the significance the everyday tasks have on my life, I have pushed myself outside of my comfort zone, I have opened my eyes and my heart to the environment I live in, I have explored parts of my city I have never ventured before, I have watched bees gathering pollen, I have seen cherry blossom that looks like marshmallows one week and the next is turning to leaf, I have seen the extraordinary in the ordinary.  I have growled, I have laughed, I have wanted to cry, I have smiled, I have surrounded myself with people I cherish and love and who I know love me back. 

I have discovered that I tell my story with images.

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