30 January 2011

Babies: Miss Ava

Miss Ava you were such a star! At just 6 days old could you be more perfect. 
How wonderful was it to spend time wrapping you, unwrapping you, snugging you up and waiting patiently for those tiny lids to shut.
Welcome to the world baby girl, you are going to be so loved x

25 January 2011

Personal: Happiness is........

Finally after months and months of putting up with an oven thats' thermostat was broken I got around to getting it fixed.  You have no idea how exciting this was for me as for months I couldn't bake cakes in it as it would get so hot that the top of the cake would always burn and the mixture in the middle was still not cooked.  So yeap it was a pretty momentous occasion when at long last I was able to bake a cake!  And of course I couldn't resist photographing the occasion...............

13 January 2011

Personal: Only A Face A Mother Could Love

Lately whenever my camera comes out you never seem to want to come to the party. You pretend I am not there, turn your back to the camera, pull faces, maybe stop long enough to face the camera, say cheese but your eyes are looking everywhere other than my lens.  Well my wee friend I will just patiently bide by time as I know that the day will come and you will step up and give me that glorious smile, the smile that could melt a million hearts......until then I am just happy to capture those faces that only a mother could love x.

10 January 2011

Babies: Tahlia-Rose

I was lucky recently to have a couple of nights camping with my sister in-law Char, her husband Jud and my totaly devine neice Tahlia-Rose.  She is super cute and of course I could not resist a photo shoot with her!!  One of Char's friends mum made the quilt that Tahlia-Rose is lying on and it was too beautiful not to use in the shoot and something about it to me just said summer.