02 July 2013

Personal: Live and Barefoot

June is a busy month for birthdays in the McSkimming family, with 7 family members celebrating birthdays pretty much within a week of each other.  So this year my sister in-law decided that a wool shed party would be the perfect way to celebrate.
And so family and friends gathered on Saturday night at Barney's wool shed.  It may have been a chilling -5 degrees outside but it was far from that on the inside as everyone rugged up for a good time and relaxed to the very talented sounds of Monty Bevins, a good friend of my brother and sister in-law. 
Monty is about to start a national tour beginning in Invercargill and working his way up to Auckland and I recommend you check him out!  You can find out when and where he is playing on his facebook page here.
In the meantime here are some pics from the Live and Barefoot @ Barney's Wool Shed gig!