10 March 2013

Weddings: Shaun and Katie

5 years ago an English Rose decided to embark on an adventure of a lifetime and travelled to the other side of the world and arrived on New Zealand shores.  She had a love of wildlife and couldn’t wait to explore Dunedin’s beautiful coast on an organised wildlife tour.  Little did she know that she would meet a Southern Man, her tour guide, who also had a love of wildlife and would steal her heart.  From that chanced meeting love blossomed and the English Rose decided to stay and see where the romance would take her.  Before long the Southern Man proposed and the English Rose said yes knowing that this would lead to happily ever after.......
Ok, ok, writing is not my forte.  But 5 years ago Katie was on her OE and did arrive in Dunedin and did take a wildlife tour where she did meet Shaun and a romance begun.  And on the 16th of February Shaun and Katie pledged their love to one another at the Orokonui Ecosanctuary, a fitting surrounding for two people who are passionate about wildlife.  The sun shone, the birds sung and everyone buzzed with happiness and it was without doubt that this was the beginning of their happily ever after.