12 September 2011

Day 12: Time to Grow

As Angus and I were looking at how much his sunflower had grown this morning I realised that that sunflower represented many things for Angus.  Every year that Angus has been attending our local Playcentre Jackie, our supervisor, has planted sunflowers with the children.  Each child plants one seed to take home and one that remains at Playcentre to be planted out in the Playcentre garden.  This will be Angus' last sunflower that he will plant at Playcentre so I guess it is extra special as it represents all the fun times he has had at Playcentre and how much he has grown in the 5 years he has been there and that he will be soon be moving on to new and exciting adventures.

As sad as it is to say our farewell to all our good times at Playcentre, we are looking forward to Angus becoming a big school boy and spreading those little wings a bit further.  And here's hoping that that little sunflower will flourish into a big giant in our garden and when we look at it we can smile as we fondly remember those good times.

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