16 May 2011

Weddings: Naomi and David

It started as an innocent work romance.  Naomi was told by a fellow work colleague that she would never get a smile out of David....so, of course, she took that as a challenge.  They initially went out as friends but soon started dating.  Their relationship survived a long distance stint and ever since they have been inseparable.  So, Naomi did manage to get that smile and these two were super excited about their wedding day and the reality that they would be spending the rest of their lives together.
Naomi and David, you guys were my last wedding for the season and I truly felt blessed that you guys picked little old me as your photographer.  I really enjoyed working with you both and David you were definitely dishing out the smiles on the day!  It was also great to have my good friend and fellow photographer Lisa Reid helping me out.
Here’s wishing you both all the happiness as you now begin the next chapter in your lives together.  May the laughter never die! x

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