07 February 2011

Personal: A Piece of History

Recently, having spent a fantastic weekend in Naseby with friends, we decided to head for home over the Dunstan Trail.  We stopped at the Jail in Styx for a picnic lunch by the river and then headed over the trail.
The track was first used by gold miners seeking the riches of the Dunstan gold diggings in the 1860's.  It was the shortest route at the time from Dunedin to Dunstan (Clyde).  It would take horse drawn drays 2 - 3 weeks to complete the round trip from Dunedin to Dunstan and back.
There was usually an overnight stop at the Styx.  The "jail" was a lock up where the gold bullion was protected.  The chains which where used to padlock the the gold chest in safety are still in place today.
I would have to say it was an awesome trip and if you have a 4WD I would highly recommend it.

below is the "jail" at Styx

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  1. Love love love them...... can't wait to get a look at my own ones. Our trip back to Naseby took in some remarkably similar landscapes. Thanks for a very fun weekend!